Web Hosting

We can host your site which includes creation of email addresses, spam minimization, and performance monitoring. We'll also assist you in setting up you email accounts on your computer. We perform monthly backups to ensure your site will always be available should a server mishap occur. We also give you quarterly reports on your site activity.

Web Logo/Banners

If you need a logo for your business, we'll build one for you. Not quite sure what you want? No problem. We start with a few samples and then adjust based on your feedback.

Web Pages

We work with you to identify the best backgrounds and colors for your web page. We can work with up to 3 columns per page to ensure your content is always visible and appealing. We will also include any web-ready photos or images that you provide.

Website Copy Write

We know that your site must impress the average websurfer in under 15 seconds before his or her attention may shift. You need marketing copy that quickly conveys your business and what your business can offer. Web copy is also a critical component in search engine page rankings. We can create web copy that meets both objectives.

Photo Modifications

We can adjust and improve your photos so they are truly 'web-ready'. We can remove glares, change perspectives, improve contrast, lighten/darken as needed.

Stock Photos

We'll work with you in the selection of professional stock photos. Price is dependent on source, size, and selected image.

Business Cards

We can take your logo and design a business card image that you can upload to any internet business card printing service. We ensure it will look professional and present the right image for you and your business.


Please note that we do not create Adobe Flash presentations. We do, however, work with some Flash templates and other animation tools that may meet your needs. We have created animated photo galleries that can beautifully present photos and images of your business. Talk to us about your requirements to see if we can achieve your desired result.


Our expertise is more than just web designs. We can also design and implement databases for your web site to contain mailing lists, registered users, or even product listings and images. We fine-tune any queries for rapid responses. We specialize in both Oracle and MySQL databases.